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Dr Jay Pearlman

Professional Title: Programme Manager/Project Manager

Primary domain: Oceans/Information systems

Organization name: IEEE

Organization type: Other (please specify) - obligatory

City / Country: Port Angeles WA - United States

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Dr. Jay Pearlman is Principal of FourBridges (a small non-profit SME) and an adjunct Professor at the University of Colorado. Until his retirement, he was Chief Engineer of Network Centric Operations Capabilities (C&EM) at Boeing and was a Boeing Technical Fellow. In this role, he guided the development of internal programs in advanced information systems and large-scale networks. Jay was also Chief Scientist on the Boeing Landsat Data Continuity Mission. He continued work in large-scale system of systems with a focus on Integrated Ocean Observing Systems and the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS). He was Co-Chair of the GEO Architecture and Data Committee that defined and implemented the GEOSS information infrastructure. For the “EuroGEOSS” Framework 7 program addressing forestry, biodiversity and drought, societal impacts and interoperability themes, Jay co-led the outreach work package. He is also active in brokering-focused activities and interoperability. Jay is co-PI on the NSF sponsored Ocean Research Coordination Network.

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