Andrew Janke

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Dr Andrew Janke

Professional Title: Researcher

Primary domain: Characterisation

Organization name: University of Queensland

Organization type: Academia/Research

City / Country: Brisbane - Australia

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My current research interests are focussed on the interface between in vivo imaging via magnetic resonance and ex vivo destructive imaging techniques, histological sectioning and block face imaging. By developing new multi-scale statistical correlative analysis and image registration techniques we can explore how we can use in vivo techniques to detect changes and features of tissue that previously were only possible to image using destructive ex vivo methods. Our group is thus focussed on the following areas of research: HPC and distributed computing for large scale Biomedical Engineering image analysis. Development of novel multi-scale statistical techniques for the combination of MRI, histology and EM data. Image registration of large image datasets Multi-modality Minimum Deformation Model computation for digital species phenotype and holotype modelling. Web based display and collaboration on large datasets ( platform).