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The pervasive use of persistent identifiers is seen as a foundational element in anchoring and referencing research data in an interoperable way. The purpose of the Persistent Identifier Interest Group is to synchronize identifier-related efforts, address important and emerging PID-related topics and coordinate activities, including appropriate RDA Working Groups, to practically solve PID-related issues from the engaged communities.

The PID IG will foster working groups to address specific topics, and in particular to address and define emerging PID use cases in the domain of data, and whether the research community would benefit from a global open identifiers for persons, data objects, organizations, grants, etc. Where applicable the PID-IG will collaborate with existing RDA working groups, or it will establish new working groups based on priority areas as identified at RDA plenaries.

A full charter document can be found here.

Recent Activity

13 Sep 2017

PID IG session in Montreal

Hi everyone -
you might be interested to join the PID IG session in Montreal. We will present and discuss the latest happenings around persistent identifier, i.e. new identifiery types or usage thereof.
You can find the draft agenda here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GMI_p0Kjzgjfr-hD40tyoNRV3kHTdDpxrrWR...
If you like to chime in to show or discuss your projects and ideas, there is enough time foreseen for such contributions!.

20 Apr 2017

PID IG co-chair rotation

Dear PID IG members,
following discussions at and after the RDA Plenary 9 in Barcelona, we
would like to rotate the co-chairs of the PID IG, a process which is
also frequently encouraged by RDA. I will step down as co-chair and be
followed by Jonathan Clark from the DOI Foundation, whom I suspect many
of you know. I believe Jonathan's good spirit and energy will be a very
welcome addition to the group. Unless there are objections to this
decision, we will soon go ahead and request the rotation to be formally
made by the RDA secretariat.

23 Mar 2017

Research Data Alliance DDPIG Interim Outputs for review and comment

Dear RDA Interest Group members,

We wish to share with you the draft outputs created by three of
the Task Force teams of the RDA Data Discovery Paradigms Interest
Group. We think one or more of these outputs are relevant to the
work your IG is doing. Your thoughts and feedback on the three
interim documents will be greatly appreciated:

03 Jan 2017

CFP: Persistent Identifier session at EGU 2017

Dear colleagues,
the following session at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly
2017 may be of interest to those combining PID topics with geosciences
and related disciplines. Submission deadline is January 11.
Apologies for cross-postings.
ESSI 2.3 - Developing Persistent Identifiers for Future Applications and
Maintaining Integrity

09 Jun 2016

Call for Papers - Special Issue "20 Years of Persistent Identifiers"

--- Apologies for cross-postings ---
Dear colleagues,
we would like to invite you to consider publishing some of your work in
an upcoming Special Issue of the Data Science Journal (DSJ)
under the topic "20 Years of Persistent
Identifiers - Where do we go next?". The submission deadline is 31
August 2016.
Persistent identifiers (PID) for scholarly resources have been around
now for more than 20 years. Since the initial launch of the Handle.net
we have seen a proliferation of PID into many use cases. Some PID

09 Mar 2016

RDA-PID IG at Tokyo Plenary

Dear all,
last week, we held our session at the RDA P7 in Tokyo. The session was
very well attended and we had quite some fruitful discussions. We want
to thank all participants and our speakers for making our session a
success. Please also see the meeting minutes [1], which were kindly
written by Eugene Siow, PhD student at the University of Southampton and
RDA-Europe Early Carreer grant winner.
We look forward to seeing you again in Denver!
Tobias, Nobuko, Adrian and Laurel

26 Nov 2015

Fwd: 20 years of persistent identifiers - where do we go next? EGU 2016 - Call for Abstracts

* Apologies for cross-posting *
Dear Colleagues,
Even though EGU 2016 still seems to be a long way off, we would like to
invite you to submit abstracts to the EGU General Assembly 2016 in
Vienna (17-22 April 2016).
In particular, we would like to invite you to submit abstracts to the
following session:
20 years of persistent identifiers - where do we go next? (ESSI2.6/GI1.6)

22 Jul 2015

RDA P6 Meeting IG PID

Dear Laurel, all,
Thank you for your message yesterday and for applying to hold a meeting
at RDA Plenary 6, your meeting has been scheduled for*23 September 2015-
BREAKOUT 1 - 11:00-12:30.*
You are invited to update the group meeting page with a session
description, objectives & agenda by 14 August at the very latest. Please
bear in mind the "Getting the most from your meeting" courtesy of the
RDA Technical Advisory Board when preparing the

25 Jun 2015

Persistent Identifiers: Enabling Services for Data Intensive Research

We are happy to announce the following event

Persistent Identifiers: Enabling Services for Data Intensive Research
a meeting organized by DataCite and EPIC

on Monday, September 21, 2015 from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM (CEST)
at Amphitheatre Hermite, Institute Henri Poincaré, 11 rue Pierre et MarieCurie, Paris, France