RDA / TDWG Metadata Standards for attribution of physical and digital collections stewardship


Group details

Secretariat Liaison: 
Stefanie Kethers
TAB Liaison: 
Sarah Ramdeen
Case Statement: 
WGs Wrapping up (from ~12 months after RDA endorsement)

This working group will address the incomplete standards for giving attribution for the maintenance, curation, and digitization of collections. Within the scope of the WG, collections can include digital data and physical objects. This WG will produce use cases from a variety of disciplines that will be used to create the final deliverable – an attribution metadata schema. Adopters will include stewards of collections (such as the Natural History Museum London) and aggregators of professional research metrics (such as ImpactStory). 

Recent Activity

19 Sep 2017

Session at P10


Our next meeting is set for 19 Sept at 16:00 in Montreal. 

This will be a working meeting (agenda), so laptops are needed. Please review materials in the Google folder.

Remote access will be available.

Thank you.

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