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Helen Glaves
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Agreed upon terminology, the meaning of terms used in discussion, is an important aspect of all group work. The DFT IG task is to continue the discussion evoked by the RDA DFT WG to support continuing RDA efforts regarding basic data concepts & framework models along with their vocabularies. A key aspect of the work is to support broader model and vocabulary agreements for and across these RDA WGs and IGs along with their representative communities and stakeholders. This will help continue the synchronization of RDA conceptualization and enable better understanding within and between RDA groups

Recent Activity

15 Mar 2018

Work on TeD-T

Dear all,
In preparation of the 11th RDA plenary in Berlin next week, I did some
work on the TeD-T tool:
There is now another stable snapshot of the term definitions, called
version 2.0 "Berlin". You can find it here:
Please be aware that from now on, only *one* PID was assigned to the
whole snapshot:
or direct resolving via

07 Mar 2018

Working DFT Session Agenda for P11

1. DFT Objectives, Overview & Update (Gary Berg-Cross - 1 page handout) 
       Vocabulary Updates & liaison relation to other RDA Groups for candidate vocabulary items.
       We have Official status under the EU public procurement legislation: “Common Technical Specification”
            Comply with Regulation No 1025/2012, Annex II